Private Lesson $50

Hi, I'm Jaime Wickander and I love horses. I grew up on my family's hobby farm in Lakeville enjoying trail riding at Murphy Hannrehan Park. I am now married and we have three wonderful little boys. I have a passion for dressage that started at about age 11 and has driven me to study at the University level as well as abroad. My teaching style and emphasis on rider biomechanics and is heavily influenced by my college mentor, Dr. Sheila Schills, who holds a Phd in Equine Biomechanics. My European training brings clarity and depth to my teaching, which focuses on harmonious communication between horse and rider and the practical application of the classical German training system. I studied at Flyinge, the National Stud of Sweden, in Vechta, Germany (where I earned the Bronze Medal for jumping and dressage from the German Equestrian Federation), and I rode with the late master Egon von Neindorf in Germany. I continue to study with Brad Cutschall and Bill Woods.

When taking lessons with me, expect to improve your understanding of the horse and the skills we use to communicate with the horse. These skills include position, your balance in motion, and correct use of light and correctly timed aids. Through the use of a great variety of exercises, you will feel more confident and in harmony with your horse. I can give you the tools you need achieve your goals with your horse and produce a willing and responsive partner. As your instructor, I promise to give you all I can to improve your skills as a rider as well as provide a fun, safe and supportive learning environment. I am a big believer in a team approach. Everyone in Team Wickander is serious about education, but we are also serious about having fun. We are encouraging, friendly, supportive and down to earth both at the barn and at horse shows.

I focus on competitive adult amateurs and serious young riders. I also believe anyone can benefit from good dressage training, and I am willing to teach anyone who wants to learn. If you need a school horse, please contact me to check on availability. I invite you to come watch me teach some lessons and consider joining our winning team!

Jaime Wickander • 9875 Lucerne Trail • Lakeville, Minnesota 55044 • Phone: 952.461.2732 • Contact Me